We Are the Same in Every Language! (Poem by Bulelwa Basse in Honour of the Spirit of Madiba)


[We Are the Same in Every Language]

We are the same in every language:

Beautiful strangers – almost in romance,
river-crossing toward callings
of our sympathetic resonance

With each uninterrupted thought,
we stand a chance at getting it together
With every soul-selling
we peep half-way into sunset
as we collect souvenirs in moments
of things impulsive

We dare not the hand of fate –
but master it,
defy odds of adversity,
brave faces at war-time,
lay our lives beyond resounding acclaim:
We reprise taking the plunge,
for we are Africans!

© Bulelwa Basse 2011
Poem by Bulelwa Basse in Honour of the Spirit of Madiba


About the Poem: [Notation by – Bulelwa Basse]

This poem is about the defiant spirit of humanity when faced with both political and

personal turmoil.

It encapsulates how we, as citizens of Africa and the world, are more alike than different… It says we are the same, in every language… And makes reference to how we: “Defy odds

of adversity and brave faces at war-time.”


It, much like the spirit of Madiba, calls for unity and a sense of responsibility toward our beloved country, South Africa. 

It implores us to reflect on what our role is in pursing a more active citizenry role, in an effort to continue and uphold the legacy of our forebears.  

But most importantly, it inspires us to establish our own sense of service within civil society – as well as in the public and private sector.

The dream of those of Madiba’s time was “Freedom in Our Lifetime!” 

Today, it falls upon our generation to achieve better, through all mediums of expression available to us. For ours, is to conquer industries and create collective wealth – because poverty, unemployment and inequality are not the original inheritance of Africans.

Today, as we continue to serve our respective communities, in all 9 Provinces: May we do so with a sense of selflessness – as did those who shed blood for our freedom. May the bottom-line become about confronting our social-ills, by doing what we can with what we have – wherever we are… Because the generation that comes after us, will hold us to account – as we do those who came before us.

Makwande! [Let’s continue to build!]

Yours in Community Development and Nation Building,
Bulelwa Basse

[Bulelwa Basse is a Writer, Performance Poet, Inspirational Speaker and Brand South Africa’s Play Your Part Initiative Ambassador]