Mathematics made easy for a better tomorrow

Photographer: Doctor Ncgobo, Isolezwe Newspaper

Play Your Part ambassador, Dr Msizi Mkhize is passionate about the teaching Mathematics and Accounting to young people so that they can secure sound futures for themselves.

Dr Mkhize holds Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Commerce degrees. He currently lectures accounting at the University of KwaZulu-Natal’s School of Accounting, Economics and Finance. Dr Mkhize is the author of accounting study guide “Grade 12 Accounting: Mathematical calculations made simple” and has developed a Maths Show that encourages learners to talk Maths, Love Maths and see it as an interesting subject.

During his spare time, he hosts Maths shows as various schools and churches in KwaZulu-Natal throughout the year and constantly amazes learners and teachers by showing them how they use Maths in their daily lives and how Bible verses can be linked to Maths. He also writes opinion pieces in newspapers about reasons to love Maths, adds a twist to his Accounting lectures by creating an educational games for his Accounting students, and runs annual Maths and accounting exam preparation workshops for Grade 11 and 12 pupils.

Mkhize believes that encouraging creativity in Basic Education has the potential of not only improving education, but also empowering learners and teachers with a special type of thinking and generations of ideas and algorithms. His creative and innovative methods of demystifying Mathematics are excellent and well received by learners and teachers.

“As South Africans, we need to inspire a special type of thinking and generate ideas to make our learners not only love Maths but also be inspired by its endless possibilities. I am committed to doing this but I cannot achieve it alone because realising this vision requires finances, skills and innovation so I am appealing to anyone who wants to be part of encouraging creativity in Basic Education to contribute to this cause and let’s do it together,” said Mkhize.

Dr Msizi Mkhize can be reached on e-mail at