Brand South Africa in Australia to renew its international reputation with the support of expatriates

Johannesburg, Monday 19 March 2018 Brand South Africa will, from 19-21 March 2018, engage with South African citizens living in Australia.
In executing its mandate to position the country positively and manage its reputation, Brand South Africa participates in and organises a series of engagements with citizens both domestically and internationally.  These engagements are aimed at highlighting the status of the Nation Brand while encouraging citizens to become brand ambassadors and rally behind efforts to strengthen the countrys reputation and profile.  Through this, it is anticipated that South Africans can become citizens who actively play their part in this national endeavour.
Explaining the importance of South Africans in the diaspora, Brand South Africas CEO Dr Kingsley Makhubela says, South Africans living abroad are one of the most important constituencies because of their ability to promote and profile the country positively. 
As part of the engagements in Perth, Brand South Africa will share information on of the performance of the Nation Brand.  Through this process it is anticipated that these Global South Africans can be encouraged to fly the South African flag and therefore contribute to collective efforts to promote South Africa as a globally competitive business and tourist destination.
Brand South Africa is the custodian of South Africa’s image and reputation and is targeting the 180,000 South African immigrants in Australia, to define their own niche and contribute to the promotion of their country there.
Interviews can be arranged with identified spokespeople.