Brand SA and its partners promote road safety


Brand South Africa hosted a dialogue with Eskom to drive the road safety messaging to young professionals. The two entities partnered in delivering the message to the public.

Play Your Part and Lebo Ramodike spent the day promoting car road worthiness in the Free State. (Image: Mathiba Molefe)

Brand South Africa reporter

Every year, when the December festive season draws near, Eskom turns an eye towards road safety to ensure its staff and the public play their part in making our roads safer.

This year, Brand South Africa joined Eskom Free State in delivering the road safety message on 24 November.

Eskom is the state-owned power company responsible for producing most of the country’s electricity.

“This morning, Brand SA came to speak to our staff to encourage them to play their part this holiday season, to ensure that they travel safely with their families and friends,” said Stefanie Jansen van Rensburg, Eskom Free State spokesperson.

“When we’re on the road it’s very easy to blame other people for their bad habits, but if everyone can play their part, if you can act safely and I can act safely, then our roads would be that much safer.”

Many road accidents can be avoided if everyone exercises caution at all times.

Checking that your vehicle is roadworthy, making sure you are well-rested, keeping an eye out for reckless drivers as well as making use of all your car’s safety features, such as seatbelts, can go a long way to ensuring the wellbeing of people on the roads.

“We all need to remember that the vehicles we are driving are like loaded guns; they have the ability to kill people,” Van Rensburg said. “So we need to handle these vehicles with the utmost care and also make sure that the people in our vehicles are safe by keeping in mind that not everybody will be as careful.”

Brand South Africa and Eskom wished all South Africans, residents and visitors a happy festive season. The two state agencies urged everyone to act safely and to play their part in making sure everybody got to their destination and made it home safely ahead of the year to come.

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