Nation Brand Forum speaker profile: Annabel Bishop


Annabel Bishop will bring her economic expertise to the 2017 Nation Brand Forum.

Economic analyst, Annabel Bishop, will be sharing her view on South Africa’s nation branding potential at the Nation Brand Forum. (Image: Investec)

Annabel Bishop is Investec Bank Limited’s Chief Economist. She joined Investec in 2001 and has worked in the macroeconomic and econometric field for over 20 years. Annabel is the holder of the Sake/Beeld Economist of the Year title for 2010 and has won numerous monthly Reuters Econometer awards for correctly forecasting a range of economic variables. She has authored a wide range of in-house and external articles, published both abroad and in South Africa.

Before joining Investec, Annabel was the Economic Analyst at Econometrix, providing key macroeconomic research and specific project work to a variety of clients across the economy, as well running the firm’s econometric model. She holds a cum laude master’s degree in economics and econometrics.