Vacancies – Stakeholder Relationship Manager: Civil Society

Vacancies – Stakeholder Relationship Manager: Civil Society

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Salary: R 758, 905 – R 992,058 (TCTC)

Minimum years experience needed:

Valid From:


Job Description:

To manage and influence relationships with key stakeholders as prioritised in the strategic plan, to extend Brand South Africa’s Marketing and Communications objectives. To play a key relationship manager role in the definition and delivery of projects by assessing the needs and expectations of stakeholders and ensure that they are effectively addressed. To leverage stakeholder resources effective and efficiently. The Strategic Relationship Manager is the main Brand South Africa custodian of these relationships with stakeholders for the sustainability of all collaborations.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science / Economics / Social Science / Sales and Marketing / Business Management or equivalent
  • Preferred: Postgraduate degree in Political Science / Economics / Sales and Marketing / Business Management (e.g. MBA)
  • 5+ years combined experience in marketing, communications, public relations, stakeholder relations, (account management) at a senior level
  • Track record of successfully brokering/negotiating collaborations and joint ventures in a highly political / pressured environmentComprehensive understanding of the political and legislative environment (domestic and international.
  • Comprehensive understanding of the political, socio-economic and legislative environment (domestic and international)
  • Thorough knowledge of the workings of the business and macro-economic environment (domestic and international)
  • An understanding of the civil society environment
  • Working knowledge of systems and processes and how they contribute to organisational performance
  • Advanced knowledge of how to determine value from a customer perspective

List of skills needed:

Key Performance Areas:

1) Contribute to the development of the overall stakeholder management strategy

  • Establish the correct networks and channels and provide input on portfolio priorities, plans and budgets.
  • Feed market insights into the overall knowledge management system.

2) Contribute to the development of programme specific projects and initiatives

  • With reference to Brand South Africa’s business plan and signed agreements with priority stakeholders, unpack, research, workshop and help develop implementation plans to activate the delivery of a project/initiative/campaign in line with the integrated marketing and communications programme and stakeholder expectations.
  • Contribute to media plans and publications.
  • Establish relationships with the right decision-makers and influencers and canvass all input from geographic and stakeholder plans and target group information.

3) Sell the project/initiative/campaign plan for buy-in and approval (sign-off) with the stakeholder priority base (levels, locations, platforms, decision-makers, beneficiaries)

  • Sell the project/campaign/initiative to the relevant stakeholder bases and decision-makers / beneficiaries to ensure buy-in in terms of the content, tone, roll-out mechanism(s), budget, audience target(s), collaborative ownership, timelines and output.
  • Feedback stakeholder inputs, research, scanning of the environment, and other relevant information (budgets, changing priorities) back to Marketing and Communications for refinement and amendment in the activation plans to ensure sign-off.

4) Facilitate and manage the stakeholder relationships in the delivery of the projects/campaign/initiative plans

  • Facilitate, drive, and maintain the established relationships with key stakeholders on the signed-off projects/initiatives to ensure that delivery happens on schedule and that expectations, perceptions, feedback are managed actively and successfully.
  • This also involves, on occasion, actual organising and delivery of meetings, events and functions.

5) Compliance, monitoring and reporting.

  • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the stakeholder-implemented initiatives (including risks) and reflect this in the quarterly reporting in accordance with the contracted performance measurement and business plan scorecard of the organisation.
  • To scan the wider policy environment to identify and exploit opportunities for future work where supportive of the strategic aims of Brand South Africa and to develop leads to establish relationships with policy makers and influencers and identify opportunities for joint future work where appropriate. (E.g. new international relations strategy, diplomacy rules for sectors and geographic regions).
  • Ensure adherence to the project corporate identity, copyright, appropriate representation, referencing, necessary Brand South Africa support to effect the objectives of the stakeholder roll-out plans.
  • This function also entails brand monitoring to ensure brand alignment.
  • Monitor resource spend and financial expenditure in accordance with the approved project plans.
  • Support Brand South Africa team members by providing capacity and information when needed
  • To participate actively in the advisory clusters

6) Organisational management and governance

  • Compliance and implementation of the corporate identity
  • Develop policies
  • Performance management of relevant supplier relations and inputting the specs for supplier relations management (where the supplier performance management system sits in Operations) and contributing to the SLAs
  • Support Brand South Africa team members by providing capacity and information when needed
  • To participate actively in the advisory clusters

7) Compliance, Monitoring and reporting (including risk)

  • Develop systems for monitoring and gathering knowledge on the activity of government, parliament and stakeholder organisations, informing the rest of the senior management team and contribute by offering advice on appropriate action and follow-up.
  • Develop and deliver communication plans to promote and maximise the impact of Brand South Africa. This will, from time to time, include contributing to media plans and publications.
  • Monitor and report on departmental plans
  • Monitor the achievement of departmental plans through monthly and quarterly progress reports (on content, financial and staff, etc)
  • Monitor & evaluate the effectiveness of the stakeholder management strategy (including risks) and reflect this in the quarterly report in accordance with the developed performance measurement structure of the organisation.
  • Monitoring and reporting on departmental plans

8) Staff management and development

  • Delegate work assignments and tasks to appropriate individuals, providing sufficient direction so desired business outcomes can be achieved.
  • Provide direct reports with leadership, direction, and coaching to achieve work objectives and improve performance and skills.
  • Performance Management – ensure that team members achieve their Performance Objectives as per individual agreements.
  • Staff development, motivation and training
  • Recruit respective staff and select

9) Financial management/ oversight and compliance

  • Budget planning and allocation and monitor expenditure in accordance with strategic objectives and ensure compliance with relevant policies.
  • Manage financial resources cost effectively.

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