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The Logo

Our logo is one of the most important aspects of our brand. It is the symbol behind which all the many and varied elements of our brand unite and it is often the first and longest lasting impression that is left upon all those that interact with our brand.


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The Chevron or Arrow Device

The Chevron device represents forward and positive brand movement. It is a signal of a clear path the nation has taken, which is forward looking, unwavering, all inspiring and full of possibility. It also denotes the clarity of purpose, single mindedness and focus of our nation brand.


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The Fonts

Font Style Guide

Illustrated on the right is an actual-size
example of the text in an A4 portrait
or A3 landscape.
  • Mundo Headlines: Mundo Sans 30 ptBody copy: Mundo Sans 13 ptURL & Tel: Mundo Sans Italic 12pt
    Captions: Mundo Sans Italic 8 pt
  • Headlines should ideally not fill more than two lines. The body copy must be written in sentence case and ideally not fill more than four lines. The caption must always be brief, to the point and descriptive of the image used.
  • If there is more body copy, for example when the copy is translated, the point sizes may be reduced. The Mundo Sans font is available to download from the Brand South Africa marketing portal.

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Self-help Tools


Self-help tools ranging from marketing collateral, images and messaging are available as open files. Content is also available for reproduction at own cost to assist stakeholders and partners in their various endeavours in support of building the nation brand.
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