Sport for the greater good


Tlou Sekwaila was selected to join the ranks of our Play Your Part ambassadors in recognition of his selfless work in using sports to improve the lives of youth and adults in his rural hometown of Ga-Sechaba in Limpopo.

Tlou Sekwaila, founder of the Moletjie Sports Academy in Limpopo, has dedicated his time and efforts to help drive the development of people in his community. It is this dedication that has led to his becoming a Play Your Part ambassador.

Play Your Part Reporter

Individuals and even whole communities can benefit from sport’s power to unify and develop a healthy body and attitude towards life.

It is for this reason that Tlou Sekwaila founded Moletjie Sports Academy in the village of Ga-Sechaba in Limpopo.

Sekwaila, one of the latest additions to our group of Play Your Part ambassadors, is a firm believer in the transformation that sport can bring about – so much so that he has been playing an active role in improving the lives of people in his community through sport for the best part of the last decade.

A sporting community is a growing community

Established as a community-run NGO in 2007, the academy creates a platform for youth, adults and the community to interact through sport, culture and recreation. Sekwaila says that the organisation will “assist in removing the youth from the streets and liquor outlets”.

He aims to reduce the growing number of youths and adults turning to alcohol and drug use during their free time by offering them a more productive way to keep themselves occupied, while also supporting social, physical and mental health.

The academy gives the community of Ga-Sechaba access to a wide range of sporting disciplines such as soccer, netball, volleyball, cricket, handball and rugby. It also offers a number of indigenous games such as diketo, kgati, kho-kho, dibeke and moruba.

With this wide range of activities, sporting academy members can choose which sports and games play to their strengths as individuals and make sure the academy is as inclusive as possible.

It is also working to unearth some of Limpopo’s promising sporting talents by offering them the resources and support they need to develop.

A number of youngsters from the academy have gone on to participate in local, regional and provincial sporting events, and Sekwaila hopes that in time some of them can take up professional sports as a means to provide for themselves and their families.

Beyond sports

The aim of the academy, he says, is not only to provide access to different sports that would otherwise be unavailable to the people of Ga-Sechaba, but also to provide life skills to people living in a rural community that presents many challenges.

By providing guidance, inspiration and support, Sekwaila hopes to make a lasting impact on the lives of those he reaches.

His dedication to making a difference is what makes him a great new addition to the ranks of Play Your Part ambassadors, setting an example of active citizenship that others can copy.

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