African Union and New Zealand publish fourth edition of AU Handbook


The African Union has published the latest version of its handbook, in partnership with New Zealand. The book is important in communicating the organisation’s message internally and to the public.

African Union Handbook
The African Union publishes the 2017 edition of the African Union Handbook on 27 January 2017. (Image: African Union)

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The African Union (AU) has published the 2017 version of its handbook, in partnership with New Zealand.

The handbook’s purpose, said the organisation, was to give member states and the public updated information about its role and structure. It also contains facts about the union.

The inaugural handbook was published three years ago, in 2014, by the African Union Commission (AUC) in collaboration with New Zealand.

“It is in line with the AUC mission towards becoming a people-centred union and the Agenda 2063 communication strategy to generate public awareness, involvement, ownership and support for the programmes of the African Union,” the organisation said.

Fatima Haram Acyl, the commissioner for trade and industry, said the handbook was one of the tools used to create open communication between the commission and the public.

The youth had an integral role to play in creating a future for Africa where growth was both inclusive and sustainable. Communicating that message was also important, she said, under the 2017 AU theme “Harnessing the demographic dividend through investments in youth”.

Bruce Shepherd, New Zealand’s ambassador to Ethiopia, and the AU spoke about the relationship between his country and the AUC. He was grateful for the support of member states during New Zealand’s two-year stint in the UN Security Council, he said.

He commended the work done between the AU and New Zealand on renewable energy, particularly geothermal energy.

New Zealand would be offering 38 new tertiary scholarships to various AU member states in 2017, Shepherd also announced, as a sign of the continued commitment to support youth and education on the continent and in line with the AU theme for the year.

Click here to read the handbook.

Source: African Union

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