Wellness Wagon wheeling healthcare to kids



Starfish Greathearts Foundation’s Wellness Wagon takes healthcare to children in impoverished communities in KwaZulu-Natal. (Image: Starfish Greathearts Foundation, Facebook)

An international foundation is ensuring quality basic healthcare is taken to kids in impoverished communities in South Africa.

Starfish Greathearts Foundation, a UK-based charity, is running an online crowdfunding campaign to raise R100 000 for a mobile clinic called the Wellness Wagon, which will serve 3 500 children per year in KwaZulu-Natal. The funds will be used for operational costs.

The Wellness Wagon will be staffed by a nurse who will serve one of Starfish’s community-based operations.

The foundation said that accessible healthcare for children will help prevent child mortality caused by preventable diseases. “The Wellness Wagon is based on the School Integrated Health programme, and is aimed at ensuring the physical, mental and social well-being of children to maximise their learning capabilities.”

Wellness Wagon services include:

  • Specialist screening and testing equipment to detect and treat HIV, TB, sexually transmitted diseases and malnutrition at an early stage,
  • Eyesight, hearing and oral hygiene,
  • Immunisations,
  • Deworming,
  • Prevention messaging and campaigning (such as prevention of drug and alcohol use and abuse, counselling on sexual and reproductive health issues),
  • Para-medical care-physiotherapy, dietetics, and;
  • Anthropometric assessments

Since it was established in May 2001, Starfish has supported orphaned or vulnerable children in South Africa by working in partnership with community-based organisations. They reach over 14 000 children in seven provinces each year.

The online crowdfunding campaign has raised over R63 000 so far. Check out the campaign page to help Starfish reach its target.

Watch video to find out more about the Starfish Greathearts Foundation: