Video: Must watch Tedx Talks of inspiring South African women


Amo Ngoepe

Amo Ngoepe learned the true meaning of the African proverb – “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” – as she traversed the continent over 64 days.Speaking at a Tedx event hosted in Soweto Ngoepe shared stories from her adventure as she travelled from South Africa to Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia.She challenged herself to use nothing but public transport during her journey. For her, it was the best way to learn about each country. It opened her eyes to the warm heart of Africa. Trusting strangers, she learnt, allowed her experience adventures she would never have had otherwise.Watch Ngoepe share her extraordinary story:

Dr Kopano Matlwa Mabaso

Dr Kopano Matlwa Mabaso and her partner, Dr Chrystelle Wedi, dream of setting up ultrasound clinics in rural Africa. Their Ona-Matoko-Lako (See Your Baby) project, winner of an Aspen Ideas Award, gives women an opportunity to ‘see their baby’ through free ultrasonography. Her Tedx Talk covered the challenges of bringing antenatal healthcare to communities without water, sanitation, electricity or healthcare.Watch how Mabaso learned to look for light in a dark situation:

Deshun Deysel

Deysel was the first Black African woman to climb to the peak of Everest. Today, as a motivational speaker, she helps people understand that the size of the challenge facing you does not matter. What does matter is the desire to overcome that challenge. Her Peak Performance Toolkit addresses things like the importance of aspiration, self-mastery, competence and your environment. These areas play a role in your journey to success.Watch and learn from Deysel on how goals can become achievable:

Botlhale Tshetlo

Tshetlo bought flowers for men she did not know. She paid for a stranger’s car to be washed. She encouraged her daughter to donate her own clothing to an under- privileged child. In challenging herself with 38 random acts of kindness, Tshetlo learned about herself and how to connect with the world around her.Watch Tshetlo talk about her experience:

Molly Blank

We should not allow our circumstances to dictate how we lead our lives. This simple lesson is what American filmmaker Molly Blank hoped to teach with her documentary project Schools that Work. She has made South Africa her home. Blank visited 19 schools [for her project] that despite being in disadvantaged communities, students, teachers and parents strived to rise above the challenges and defy stereotypes.Watch scenes out of Molly Black’s video series, and listen to her reasons for undertaking this project:

Thulani Ndzotyana

What would South Africa 2044 be with Thuli Ndzotyana as president? This was the question Ndzotyana tried to answer during her Tedx Talk. The Alexander High School student believes her generation needs to find their own voice to help create the future they see for themselves. As president, she believes, her generation would look past colour. “It will be a South Africa of acceptance, not tolerance. The problem [now] is we continue to rank our differences.”Watch Ndzotyana talk about how she sees South Africa:

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