Gallery: Celebrate Marine Month in South Africa


Compiled by Melissa Javan

National Marine Month, which begins on 1 October, promotes awareness of South Africa’s marine and coastal environments, as well as of the benefits that our oceans bring to our nation.

South Africa is nestled between two currents, and two oceans:

  • The warm Agulhas Current, with rich ocean biodiversity, but not large fish stocks; and
  • The cold Benguela Current, which supports large fisheries such as those focused on the small pelagic (anchovy and sardine) and the demersal (hake) stocks.

The Indian Ocean, on the east side of the country, is warmed by the Mozambique or Agulhas Current, which flows down from the tropics, while the Atlantic Ocean, on the west coast, is cooled by the icy Benguela Current, which comes up from the Antarctic.

 marine_month_benguela_article The Agulhas and the Benguela currents, in addition to the cold southern oceans, are key drivers of South African climate and rainfall conditions. (Image: Wikipedia)

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Reasons why you should care about our oceans

 marine_month_breathe_article The world’s oceans generate most of the oxygen we breathe. (Image: Brand South Africa)

 marine_month_fresh_water_article The ocean regulates our climate. (Image: MediaClubSouthAfrica)

 marine_month_rain_article The ocean is the producer of moisture to the atmosphere, which leads to rain. (Image: MediaClubSouthAfrica)

 marine_month_flowers_article Rain, which is mainly produced by the ocean, plays a vital role in agriculture. (Image: MediaClubSouthAfrica)

 marine_month_dam_article The ocean cleans the water we drink. (Image: MediaClubSouthAfrica)

 marine_month_transport_article Global trade is dominated by sea transport. (Image: MediaClubSouthAfrica)

 marine_month_tourism_article The ocean boosts tourism and has a positive impact on the economy. (Image: MediaClubSouthAfrica)

 marine_month_oxygen_article The ocean offers us a pharmacopoeia of potential medicines. (Image: MediaClubSouthAfrica)

 marine_month_fish_article The ocean helps to feed us; it also creates skills development opportunities and employment. (Image: MediaClubSouthAfrica)

Initiatives that involve the ocean

Learn more here about the government’s Operation Phakisa initiative.

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This article was originally posted on the South African Government website.