Broadlink gives pupils connectivity


Broadlink mainThe internet offers many educational resources that can be used to supplement learning at any stage of one’s education, this makes access to the internet an important tool for learning. (Image: Broadlink)

Together, Mpheti Mahlatsi Secondary School in Orange Farm and Southview High School in Lenasia have about 2 500 pupils, to whom they can now offer access to the world wide web thanks to the efforts of internet service provider Broadlink and its partners, 3P Learning.

3P Learning is an international group that facilitates online educational platforms focusing on mathematics and general literacy.

The partners installed a five megabyte per second uncapped wireless DSL connection at each of the schools, which will run for the next 18 months. They are hopeful access to the internet will help to transform the pupils’ experiences at school and open more avenues for their studies.

Before the two companies stepped in, both schools had computers and a handful of tablets, but funding was an obstacle when it came to providing the pupils with a constant and reliable connection to the internet. This meant that at best, using online learning resources was difficult.

But this is a hurdle that has now been overcome, allowing the pupils to enjoy the full benefits of the 3P Learning content, such as its maths programme, Mathletics. In addition to providing internet connectivity, Broadlink donated R100 000 towards the licence fees needed to get Mathletics.

Nicole van Niekerk, the head of marketing at Broadlink, said that without the internet it was difficult to run online education programmes such as these, which were meant to help “to bridge the gap between the requirements for more connected and paperless education and the materials that can make that a reality”.

Penny Andrew, the spokesperson for 3P Learning, said the investment would help to promote quality education and better equip pupils with skills and information to help them thrive in life after school. “By Broadlink providing a reliable internet connection, teachers and learners now have the ability to use and update the Mathletics programme and make use of online tutorials.

“This is why we only partner with the very best technology and connectivity partners to assist with technical requirements as well as maintenance and upkeep, so we can focus on providing educational programmes for the pupils.”

Broadlink’s involvement has helped to fast-track the installations at the schools and allowed 3P Learning to start training teachers and facilitators in the use of their programmes. They are also helped to integrate the 3P Learning programmes into their curricula to get the best out of their time with the students as soon as possible.

“Broadlink is very proud to be involved in an initiative that empowers individual learners to take their education in their own hands,” said Van Niekerk.

“Using the platforms provided by 3P Learning, together with much-needed access to all the benefits of being connected to the world globally, we feel these learners have a better chance for employability, furthering their studies and staying in the schooling system – which is a win for everyone.”