Active citizenship the focus of this week’s Play Your Part episode


innerblankeysThe 67 Blankets initiative captured the attention of thousands of South Africans as well as corporates and hundreds of people in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, Cyprus, London, the US and India

The fourth episode of Brand South Africa’s Play Your Part television series, which airs on SABC 2 on Sunday 6 July at 9pm, will feature a some inspiring South Africans who Play their Part in the areas of active citizenship and education.

Featuring in this episode are Carolyn Steyn, Yusuf Abramjee, Shaka Sisulu, Jerome du Plooy, Bob Nameng and Sabine Bittle and Wonderboom.

A patron of the arts who once could be seen on our television screens in Melrose Place, Carolyn Steyn is now playing her part for South Africa and encouraging others to do the same with her “67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day” initiative.

It all began when Mandela’s former personal assistant, Zelda la Grange, issued a challenge to Steyn last year. “In December, she presented me with a challenge to knit 67 blankets by 18 July for Mandela Day. These blankets would then be distributed to those in need,” Steyn says.

The man behind Lead SA and Crime Line, Yusuf Abramjee started his career in journalism as a freelancer for Talk Radio 702 ahead of the country’s first democratic elections in 1994. Crime became his beat and soon after, in 1996, he was appointed the crime editor for 702 and its Cape counterpart, 567.

After he was appointed Primedia Broadcasting’s group head of news and talk programming in 2005, Abramjee and a group of others founded the Crime Line campaign, which was officially launched in June 2007 with him at the helm. Abramjee is also a founding member of Lead SA, a Primedia Broadcasting and Independent Newspapers initiative aimed at highlighting the achievements of the nation and celebrating the efforts of ordinary South Africans.

yusuf-abramjeeThe man behind Lead SA and Crime Line, Yusuf Abramjee started his career in journalism as a freelancer for Talk Radio 702 ahead of the country’s first democratic elections in 1994










Soweto Kliptown Youth (SKY) provides hope and services to some of the most neglected children in South Africa. SKY’s exemplary leaders and programs are the glue that connects people in need to support and opportunities. Name the need a child has and SKY will be there to meet it.

Bob Nameng, SKY’s founder, was a neglected street child who was given a second chance. He says, “I won’t let any child suffer what I had to. They are our Kings ans Queens.”

Basketball player Jerome “Slim” Du Plooy’s journey from the streets of Kliptown to appearing on television around the world is one that can and should inspire and motivate young South Africans to pursue their dreams regardless of where they are and the circumstances in which they live.

He has represented South Africa on the NBA’s Basketball Without Borders programme, where he rubbed shoulder with some of the biggest names in basketball, such as Dwight Howard, Kyrie Irving and Carmelo Anthony.

Sabine Bittle and WONDERboom are behind the Peace Starts Concert, which will take place on South Africa’s Peace Day – 21 September. Peace Starts is an independent organization that promotes the International Day of Peace (21 September) in South Africa. It is endorsed by Peace One Day, a UK-based organization that persuaded the United Nations to officially declare 21 September, an annual Peace Day.

Peace Starts stemmed from a World Peace Day concert held at a live music venue in Johannesburg, on 21 September, 2008. Conceptualised by Sabine Bittle and shared with Peace Starts founder Cito, lead singer of WONDERboom, the World Peace Concert served to raise awareness of the International Day of Peace, while encouraging the audience to cross-culture-dress as a symbol of cultural tolerance.