25.3-million South Africans good to vote


7 March 2014

Chief Electoral Officer Mosotho Moepya has certified South Africa’s voters’ roll, setting the stage for 25.3-million (25 390 150) voters to cast their ballots in the country’s national and provincial elections on 7 May, the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) announced on Thursday.

This is 2.2-million more voters (a 9.5% increase) than were on the voters’ roll for the 2009 national and provincial elections, and 7.2-million (a 39.72% increase) more than were on the voters’ roll when it was established for the first time for South Africa’s 1999 elections.

According to the IEC, the voters’ roll reflects a total of 80.80% of registered voters when compared against the country’s estimated voting age population. In comparison, registration levels stood at 80% in 1999, 84.6% in 2004 and 84.07% in 2009.

An analysis of the voters’ roll shows that South Africa is still a relatively young population, with 49.57% of registered voters under 40 years old. The biggest segment of voters is those aged 30-39 (6.18-million), followed by 20- to 29-year-olds (5.7-million) and 40- to 49-year-olds (5-million).

Women make up 54.9% of the voters’ roll, outnumbering men (45.1%) by 13.94-million to 11.45-million.

“Gauteng province has the highest number of voters with just over 6-million, followed by KwaZulu-Natal with 5.1-million, the Eastern Cape with 3.24-million and the Western Cape with 2.9-million,” the IEC said. Between them, these four provinces make up almost 68% of South Africa’s voters.

A glance at the changing pattern of the voters’ roll over the years shows a continuing migration of South Africans from rural areas to the country’s major centres.

“The biggest increase in voter numbers over the past 15 years has come in the provinces of Gauteng (up 1.9-million), KwaZulu-Natal (up 1.67-million) and Western Cape (up 1-million),” the IEC said. The smallest increase came from North West province, which has grown by just 141 677 voters since 1999.

The certified voters’ roll is available for inspection at all IEC offices around the country. Voters can check their registration details by SMSing their ID number to 32810 (at a cost of R1).

SAinfo reporter