Election 2014: over 95% of votes counted


9 May 2014

With just over 95% of votes cast having been counted by 9am on Friday, the second day of counting in South Africa’s fifth democratic election, the African National Congress (ANC) was in a commanding position nationally, having secured 62.4% of the vote.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) was in second position with 21.9% of the vote, followed by the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) – the new kid on the block in South African politics – with 6.1%.

According to the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), 21 257 of South Africa’s 22 263 voting districts had been counted, accounting for 17 063 349 votes so far out of a registered voting population of 23 326 117 – translating into a provisional voter turnout figure of 73.1%.

The IEC has said that could make the final, official declaration of results on Saturday; it is required by law to issue the final result within seven days of the election, which took place on Wednesday.

Before making the official declaration, the commission will have to consider any objections. Political parties have until 5pm on Friday to lodge any objections with the IEC.


Provincial results


Around 9.30am on Friday, the ANC was leading the provincial election in all provinces except for the Western Cape, where (with 94.8% of the count complete) the DA had 58.7% of votes, followed by the ANC with 33.4% and the EFF with 2.0%.

In Gauteng province, the country’s commercial heartland and its most populous province, the ANC (with 82.3% of the count complete) was leading with 51.9% of votes, followed by the DA with 32.9% and the EFF with 9.8%.

The results of the other provinces at around 9.30am were as follows:

Eastern Cape (97.8% of count complete): ANC 70.0%, DA 16.2%, United Democratic Movement (UDM) 6.1%.

Free State (90.8% of count complete): ANC 69.8%, DA 16.3%, EFF 7.9%.

KwaZulu-Natal (95.3% of count complete): ANC 64.4%, DA 12.1%, Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) 11.2%.

Limpopo (99.7% of count complete): ANC 78.6%, EFF 10.7%, DA 6.4%.

Mpumalanga (100% of count complete): ANC 78.2%, DA 10.4%, EFF 6.2%.

North West (99.8% of count complete): ANC 67.4%, EFF 13.1%, DA 12.6%.

Northern Cape (100% of count complete): ANC 64.4%, DA 23.8%, EFF 4.9%.

SAinfo reporter