The JSE All Share Index edges ahead in positive territory


Local markets

On Wednesday the JSE All Share index edged ahead by 0.19 % on the back of industrial shares which rose 0.56%. Financials were marginally ahead by 0.22 % with gold mining shares drifting into negative territory with a slide of 2.37%.

At 5pm a US dollar cost R11.99, the British pound cost R17.73 and the euro cost R12.89.

Brent crude was trading at $55.35 per barrel and gold at $1199 per oz at 5pm.  

International markets

In China the Shanghai index closed up 1.66% and the Hang-Seng advanced 0.66% on a better than expected PM Index showing. However in Japan the Nikkei closed down losing 0.90% on fears of tough forthcoming trading conditions for the 2nd quarter. 

In Europe all the markets were in positive territory at our 5pm close with the FTSE 100 up 0.63%, the CAC 40 advancing 0.61% and the German DAX ahead by 0.31%. Positivity was driven by a competitive euro and expected continuing low oil prices.

In the US the Nasdaq was lower by 0.64%, the S&P 500 dropped 0.41% and the Dow Jones Index sank 0.46% on a ratings cut of airline stocks and and health care companies by Deutsche Bank.     

share price news

Amongst the top gainers today was MTN Group Ltd (MTN) which advanced 5.85% to R217.00 with 9,922,397 shares trading through 14706 deals. Combined Motor Holdings (CMH) gained 9.54% to R14.52 per share with 573,837 shares being traded through 17 deals.

Amongst the top losers were  Seardel Investment Corporation (SRN) which lost 8.26% to close at R1.00 per share with 375,254 shares being sold through 7 deals. Also amongst the losers was Conduit Capitol Ltd (CND) which lost 5.78% to trade down at R2.12 per share with 219,428 shares being sold in 23 deals.