The JSE All Share index loses steam to head south


Local markets

The JSE All Share index closed down 0.97% as losses in all the indices flagged ongoing globals concerns. Widespread local power outages added to these woes. Industrials were down 1.13%.

At the 5pm close a USD bought R12.06, the British pound changed for R18.01 and the euro traded for R13.00. Gold was trading at USD 1205.99 per oz and Brent crude rose to USD 64.43 per barrel. 

International markets

In Asia today the Shanghai index closed at a 7 year high, up 2.20% followed by a rise of 0.51% in the Hang Seng. The Nikkei was down 1.17% lead south on a sell off in Sony and Yamaha stocks.

European stocks were in negative territory at our close once again on concerns of Greece not making a debt repayment which lead banking stocks down. The FTSE 100 lost 0.90% the DAX retreated 2.24% and the CAC 40 slipped 1.48%

After 2 hours trading the US markets had lost ground on concerns of a pending bout of short selling in Asian markets as Chinese futures tumbled after their close. The S&P 500 tracked down 1.08% the Dow Jones lost 1.46% and the Nasdaq had slid 1.46% at our close. 

Share price news

Amongst the best performing share today were Finbond Group Ltd (FGL) which gained 13.64% to sell at R4.00 per share after 913,716 shares were bought in 178 deals. The Pivotal Fund Ltd (PIV) rose 4.88% to sell at R21.50 per share following 105 deals which bought 1,982,288 shares.

The biggest loser today was Naspers Ltd (NPN) which shrank 5.21% to sell at R1834.12 per share as 10537 deals sold 1,245,666 shares. Petmin Ltd (PET) lost 1.63% to close at R1.25 per share after 1,471,465 shares were sold in 114 deals.