Jamie’s Italian expands to South Africa


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Jamie Oliver’s successful restaurant chain, Jamie’s Italian, is heading to South Africa. It will add a Joburg branch in Melrose Arch to its already expansive global reach. There are 40 establishments across the world; the first opened its doors in the British university town of Oxford in 2008.

“Since I was a teenager I’ve been totally besotted by the love, passion and verve for food, family and life itself that just about all Italian people have, no matter where they’re from or how rich or poor they might be,” wrote Oliver on the restaurant website.

“And that’s what I’m passionate about – good food for everyone, no matter what. But the thing I love most about the Italians is that somehow, although they have some of the best fashion designers and cars in the world, they’ve managed to retain a unique sense of tradition and village spirit.”

Watch Jamie share a recipe:

The restaurant is all about authenticity. Oliver has worked closely with his friend and mentor, Gennaro Contaldo, to create the essence of Jamie’s Italian – “tradition combined with current, innovative ideas and a Jamie twist”.

The aim is to create an accessible, affordable neighbourhood restaurant. “Each restaurant is uniquely designed to incorporate the history of the building and personality of the city, as well as creating an environment where the focus is on exceptional food, good company and the relaxed conviviality of the ‘Italian table,'” reads the website.

“Being awarded the Jamie’s Italian franchise is such a privilege,” Stephen Gersowsky, chief executive of Whisky Creek Brands told lifestyle website, Destiny Connect. “We all understand the responsibility that comes with representing this iconic brand in South Africa, and we believe our passion, commitment, integrity and dedication to the industry will lay a solid foundation for us to deliver on the expectation that comes with launching Jamie’s Italian.”

Fans of the British chef expressed their delight on Twitter:

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