Hippo takes a swim in South African pool


31 March 2016

Employees at the Ingwelala Nature Reserve in Limpopo province got an early morning surprise when they arrived at work to find a hippo in the swimming pool.

“He was a lot bigger than he looked,” reads the reserve’s website. “[It] took half an hour to get him out – prodding him from a careful distance with pool brushes and leaf catchers.”

The animal eventually walked out of the pool, into the bush. The hippo took his dip on 21 March.

Watch the video from Caters Clips:

It’s been speculated the hippo was seeking relief from the drought ravaging the country.

“The hippo might have sought out the swimming pool due to a lack of other, natural water bodies in the area,” reads news website, News24. “Although Ingwelala saw some rain before the hippo’s visit, it was not enough to get rivers flowing at the time. This left all hippos in the area high and dry, without their main source of life-giving security.”

Source: Daily Mail UK