Mma’ Mary is a leading light


mary---textMary Raletoone is a firm believer in a community coming together to helt itself. (Image: Mary Facebook)

How does a woman in a disadvantaged area provide opportunities to over 500 people?

Social entrepreneur Mary Raletooane, known locally as Mma’ Mary, has accomplished some amazing things with her business, Itekeng Basadi Setsoto.

Her garden projects, river-cleaning and sewing business has created work and employment for more than 500 people.

“The biggest thing I learned is that if we are together we can do more,” she told Redbull Amaphiko. “Just come forward and share what you’re thinking with other people so that we can have a better life.”

She also runs a centre for disabled children, which has dispelled local superstitions about being disabled. “They thought it was a curse,” she said.

Raletooane went door to door, talking to residents, to bring greater awareness and understanding of the issue to people.

Watch as she explains her work and its impact on her community:


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