Empowering Young South Africans through STEM Education


As a country that hinges on Ubuntu as a way of life, we understand that we are because you are. That is why the Brand South Africa initiative, Play Your Part was launched 11 years ago, to not only shed light on active citizenship but also encourage South Africans to uphold our key values as a nation by contributing positively to our communities.


In the make-up of South Africa lies many communities that enable it to thrive. With that said, it is the wellness and progression of communities that make any country progressive. To see this through, Bonamelo Melisizwe, a non-profit organisation based in Johannesburg, heeded the call of country duty by being the change that they wanted to see in their community through various outreach programmes.


Bonamelo, which is translated as ‘Prosperity’ and Melisizwe, which means ‘Standing up for all nations’ is a great name that captures the essence of what they seek to achieve through the work they do. An ideal outcome from addressing socio-economic issues and helping the many disenfranchised people of South Africa to live up to what our democracy stands for through equality and provision for basic human needs.


Education and information are great tools to equip young people in order for them to steer our country to greater heights in the future. It was between 2017 and 2020 that their collaboration with the Academy of Science of Southern Africa, Moipone Science Academy and Scimobilabs impacted over 35 schools in Daveyton and Tembisa townships through the Kasi Science Initiative and National Science Week programmes. The focus of these programmes was to encourage uptake of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) careers to best position township pupils as eligible candidates for skills of the future in this age of Automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI). This would ultimately equip them to become solution bearers for the problems they encounter in their immediate societies. It would also do away with the mindset of looking outside of themselves for change.


Education is just one of the key areas that Bonamelo Melisizwe excels in. Another area of deep concern in our country and the Global South is food insecurity. To address this issue, they partnered with Batho Bohle Charity to provide nutritious, cooked meals for over 200 people in Daveyton on a consistent basis.


These are just some of the initiatives that Bonamelo Melisizwe has implemented to make South Africa a better place for all who live in it. We know that the work they do is a shared sentiment with many other South Africans who’d love to play their part. The important thing is just to start where you are with what you have to join the many active citizens who make meaningful contributions to their communities.


Take a stand and play your part.