Global South Africans celebrate Nelson Mandela Month in Lagos, Nigeria


On 1 July 2023, Brand South Africa kicked off the celebration of Nelson Mandela Month with an engagement with South Africans living in or visiting Nigeria as well as friends of South Africa in Nigeria. The session took place in partnership with the South African Consulate in Lagos, Nigeria and South African Tourism under the theme ‘Celebrating Nelson Mandela Month and South Africa’s Inspiring Mementoes since the Dawn of Democracy’.


This was in line with the Global South Africans programme, which is a flagship programme of Brand South Africa that aims to acknowledge and celebrate thousands of South Africans who are exemplary citizens in the world and therefore brand advocates for the positive positioning of the Nation Brand abroad. These South Africans are playing an important role in helping to realise the promise South Africa demonstrated in the “miracle” of 1994 and the National Development Plan (Vision 2030).


With Nigeria being a strategic partner in the continent for South Africa and having played an active role in opposing the apartheid regime of South Africa, Brand South Africa encouraged cultural exchanges between South Africans in Nigeria and the Nigerian citizens who identify are identified as Friends of South Africa due to their interest in South Africa. According to Brand South Africa, Friends of South Africa are citizens from other nationalities who have either lived, worked, visited, or invested in South Africa.


“Global South Africans give the world a first-hand experience of who South Africans, what they are capable of and what the country is has to offer. Brand South Africa deems it important to acknowledge those individuals and organisations that are contributing to building and promoting a Nation Brand that not only inspires its own people but is also admired globally” said Jimmy Ranamane, General Manager: Global Markets (Acting) at Brand South Africa.


The engagement provided an opportunity to remind South Africans of home, encourage them to celebrate their unique heritage and identity in their host country and continue to fly the South African flag high.


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About Brand South Africa

Brand South Africa is the official marketing agency of South Africa, with a mandate to build the country’s brand reputation, in order to improve its global competitiveness. Its aim is also to build pride and patriotism among South Africans, in order to contribute to social cohesion and nation brand ambassadorship.


About the Global South African Network

Brand South Africa has launched the Global South African programme in the conviction that you and other South Africans like you are a priceless resource for our country – your country – as we strive to position ourselves as global players in an increasingly competitive world.


South Africans living or travelling abroad will very often be the first point of contact and reference for people overseas, whose perceptions and decisions have a profound impact on the attractiveness and competitiveness of our country. These Global South Africans can show the world what South Africans are made of, why we are worth investing in and partnering with and how we can help find creative solutions to the gamut of the world’s problems, from poverty to climate change to violent conflict.


By becoming part of the GSA network, you commit to being a “brand ambassador” for our country. You believe in South Africa, you love your country and you want to help us build an inclusive economy and a socially cohesive nation.