Brand South Africa refutes misleading utterances by the City Press


[Johannesburg, South Africa, June 25, 2023]: Brand South Africa notes with concern, the malicious and  misleading article, published in the City Press newspaper on Sunday June 25, entitled; “Whistleblower begged parliament to probe Brand SA.” The article seeks to mislead readers through selective references and quotes from various  events, which are quoted completely out of context. Brand South Africa responded to questions from the City Press on 15 June 2023 and reiterates the response as follows:


Whistle-blow or tip off reports.

Any whistle-blow or tip-off reports are considered by Brand South Africa’s Human Capital, Remuneration and Social & Ethics Board Committee. These are received through the organisation’s independent whistle-blowing hotline. There is no record of any such report having been received by the organisation.


Ms Ceza matter.

As previously reported to the City Press, Ms Ceza came into unauthorised, private, and confidential information belonging to Brand South Africa and its employees, which is protected under the Protection of Personal Information Act, 2013. She had the right to use the organisation’s internal processes including the Promotion of Access to Information Act Manual, which would have enabled her to request the information she needed it to enforce her rights. She opted not to do so even after having been advised.


The Acting CEO, Ms Sithembile Ntombela, is not at liberty to engage on the contents of a private conversation recorded without her knowledge or consent, suffice to say, Ms Ceza called Ms Ntombela prior to her disciplinary hearing, under the guise of seeking offline sisterly advice, which she then recorded without informing Ms Ntombela. This recorded conversation has no bearing on the internal disciplinary processes that occurred long after the conversation took place.


Ms  Ceza has since taken the matter of her subsequent dismissal to the CCMA and the hearing which was scheduled for Monday 19 June was postponed at Ms Ceza and her legal representative’s request. As such the date for the hearing is still pending.


Brand South Africa is in no position to comment further on this matter until it is concluded at the CCMA.


Ms Nadine Thomas

Brand South Africa complied with the judgement of the Labour Court and has subsequently reached an agreement to mutually separate with Ms Thomas. Brand South Africa has had, and still has an Acting CFO.


ACEO Appointment

The Acting CEO, Ms Sithembile Ntombela, was appointed by the Board of Trustees , with the concurrence of the Minister in the Presidency, in accordance with the requirements of the organization’s Trust Deed.


Board Appointment

The term of the previous Board has expired, and a call for nominations for a new Board has been duly advertised. The Minister in the Presidency, who is the executive authority, is handling the process and will be announcing the new Board in due course.




POPIA DISCLAIMER: Under the Protection of Personal Information Act, 4 of 2013 (“POPIA”) Brand South Africa has a general legal duty to protect the information it processes. Brand South Africa complies with POPIA. Data Subjects who submit their Personal Information to Brand South Africa and its Responsible Parties or Processors confirm that they agree that their Personal Information may be recorded and Processed by Brand South Africa in executing its day-to-day operational activities in print and electronic format. They further confirm that they are aware of their rights, such as the right to request that their Personal Information be amended or removed from Brand South Africa’s records at any time. Full Disclaimer