How The Global South Africans Network is Creating Meaningful Conversations!

Brand South Africa recently launched the Global South Africans Network, a programme to harness the collective power of South Africans from around the world by becoming brand ambassadors for our beautiful country.
Johannesburg, South Africa (30 March 2023) – Brand South Africa recently partnered with the “South African High Commission” in Ghana and “Constitution Hill” to host incredible “Global South Africans Network” events to strengthen the partnership between Ghana and South Africa.
The partnership between Ghana and South Africa is a longstanding and vital relationship built on a foundation of shared values and mutual respect. Both countries have a deep commitment to democracy, human rights, and economic development and have worked closely together on a wide range of issues over the years. One of the key areas of cooperation between the two countries has been in the realm of trade and investment. South Africa is one of Ghana’s largest trading partners, and the two countries have a number of bilateral agreements in place to promote and facilitate trade and investment between them. In recent years, a particular focus has been on increasing trade in key sectors such as mining, agriculture, and tourism.
The Global South Africans Network events hosted open discussions with South African citizens based in Ghana while commemorating our human rights.
The history of human rights in Ghana and South Africa is one of resilience, determination, and progress. Despite the many challenges and obstacles that both countries have faced over the years, they have never lost sight of their commitment to human dignity and social justice. Both countries have made significant strides in areas such as access to justice, freedom of expression, and gender equality. There have been significant improvements in healthcare and education, and both countries have made important contributions to the broader struggle for human rights and social justice in Africa and beyond.
Today, both Ghana and South Africa stand as beacons of hope and progress in the struggle for human rights and equality, inspiring generations of people across the continent and around the world.
Of course, there is still much work to be done to fully realise the promise of human rights for all and Brand South Africa is helping us to play our part in achieving this.
Brand South Africa recently launched the Global South Africans Network, a programme to harness the collective power of South Africans from around the world by becoming brand ambassadors for our beautiful country.
“By becoming part of the Global South Africans network, you commit to being a brand ambassador for our country. You believe in South Africa, you love your country and you want to help us build an inclusive economy and a socially cohesive nation,” the website explains.
“South Africans living or travelling abroad will very often be the first point of contact and reference for people overseas, whose perceptions and decisions have a profound impact on the attractiveness and competitiveness of our country. These Global South Africans can show the world what South Africans are made of, why we are worth investing in and partnering with and how we can help find creative solutions to the gamut of the world’s problems, from poverty to climate change to violent conflict.”
The recent Global South Africans Network events provided a platform for South African and Ghanaian businesses to network, share ideas, and learn about trade opportunities between the two countries.
Speaking with the press during the Global South Africans Network reception, the South African High Commissioner to Ghana, Grace Jeanet Mason, announced plans for more investments between her country and Ghana to boost trade volumes and intra-africa trade.
“We can do more and we will do more, the Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) is a catalyst for us to do more, and create value chains so in all sectors.”
“We are already trading and as you look, we have got over 200 South African companies that are all over from our mining sectors to services, banking sectors and we are bringing in more in terms of investments, infrastructures, development, more trade, more services, we are going to use precisely the reason why we do it on the backdrop of AfCFTA is because there is a blackfold and we also have instruments that makes ease of business more easier with none of the areas to trade.”
She also disclosed that with South Africa being a new member of the UN Human Rights Council, the country would leverage its membership to ensure the protection of human rights and freedoms.
“In South Africa today, it is public day and a human rights day – this is a day we celebrate, as we celebrate we remember the atrocities that were committed by the apartheid era where 69 South Africans that were protesting were killed… so this is a day we say never again and to say that South Africa has a constitutional democracy, we have a bill of rights and enshrined in our bill of rights is our constitution, our democracy, equal rights, right to freedom, right to education, freedom of speech.”
“Ideally, this day is our Human Rights Day and our theme which is consolidating human rights and looking into the future and also to know that SA is part of the United Nations Human Rights Council from the 1st of January, 2023 for three years… so on these platforms and areas, are where we will be advocating for human rights.”
She added that her Global South Africans are excited to be living and doing business in Ghana, indicating that over 500 South Africans are doing business there.
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