Promoting effective public private partnerships in building the SA Nation Brand


The importance of a Nation Brand custodian such as Brand South Africa is now more critical than ever before. The entity continues to play a strategic role in managing the reputation of our country and inspiring its citizens to nurture National pride. Furthermore, Brand South Africa alone, cannot achieve the desired reputable South African Nation Brand. It is understood in the Nation Branding space that a Nation Brand reputation is made up of various dimension of its society and thus it is important to partner with those who are like minded in their desire to see a better South Africa.



Seth Godin once said, “Marketers make things better by making change happen”. This was confirmed during the Marketers roundtable breakfast which was hosted by Brand South Africa.



The Marketers roundtable brought together heads of marketing from various sectors and proved to be a n effective platform for the exchange of insights and for the purpose of mapping what impactful collaborations could look like between Brand South Africa and Corporate South Africa.  Brand South Africa appreciates the need to collaborate with corporate brands in shaping the South African Nation Brand reputation and enhancing social impact, together. It was clear that South African Corporate Brands are committed to advancing South Africa’s competitiveness and positively impacting communities.



Brand South Africa recognises that a collaborative approach is the most effective way to enhance the Nation Brand reputation and achieve better social impact, together, now more than ever. A more intentionally cooperative effort is the only way to affirm the attractiveness of South Africa and inspire the South African Nation Pride. In the present day, its predominantly the Nation Brand disablers and challenges that get the larger share of voice, however, there is a significantly higher amount of reasons to believe in South Africa, they simply don’t occupy platforms as much as the disablers and social ills. It is only through sharing platforms and bringing our voices together that we can make inroads in advocating for a South Africa that we can be proud of.



It was evident that the will and action to see a better South Africa exists amongst South African corporate Brands and thus the desired collaborations with Brand South Africa are a natural fit.



We know and have tested during the covid 19 pandemic that public private partnerships work. The challenge is the sustainability of this approach, to ensure that these collaborations go beyond pandemic and become the South African way for dealing with its challenges. With the commitment received from participating brands, it is possible.