South Africa – A resilient nation of note


South Africa is not only renowned as one of the world’s best constitutional democratic destinations, the globally acclaimed Nelson Mandela is well recognized as one of its founding democratic first president. The country has demonstrated resilience that has seen it scale over its ugly past, to claim pride of place amongst the free nations of the world.



Next month, on April 27 this year, the country will be marking its 29th democratic anniversary, with a proud record of the democratic transfer of power from one administration to another for the past six administrations. It\ is a toast of exemplary democracy in practice, lying at the southern tip of the African continent.



Looking back over the years South Africa’s democracy can arguably be considered to be progressively maturing.



While this is a cause for celebration, it is not without its fair share of challenges.  What i has been is reason enough to soldier on for the best that this country can be.



How the country is seen, how it sees itself, and how it desires to be seen, is the frontline responsibility of Brand South Africa, to keep placing a mirror in front of the nation so it identifies its own areas of improvement and to bridge the gaps for the best that is yet to come.



The vision is clearly spelt out in the country‘s Constitution. What remains is taking determined steps to reach the goals expressed therein.



The good e image that SA hopes to be, directs the nation to focus its attention and energy to end inequality, banish unemployment and make poverty history so it can benefit the rewards of a prosperous country and nation.



Success lies in putting an end to challenges and aspire to  lift the Nation Brand sky high to promote a positive spirit amongst its citizens. That can only be achieved if all of us Play Our Part and contribute to positive social change.



The possibilities of achieving this are  within reach. Afterall, South Africa defeated apartheid, therefore defending this democracy  requires all its  citizens to play a role.




As the country prepares to host  the 5th Annual South African Investment Conference (SAIC), it has to  build on the success of the previous conferences, as a continuation of government’s approach to engaging with the domestic and international business community.



The 2023 conference marks the final leg of the current investment drive to attract R1.2 trillion over five years as of 2018. Currently South Africa has been able to attract 1.14 trillion rands in commitments, representing 95 per cent of the initial target. This has translated into investments across a wide range of economic sectors.



The new investments significantly contribute to our national goals of socio-economic development. Attracting local and foreign investment is vital to ensuring that no citizen is left behind as we work towards improving our economy.



Without investment, the South African economy will not be able to reach its full potential. Investing in South Africa also offers investors a gateway into the continent across few key sectors, notably healthcare, chemicals, consumer goods, digital & ICT, automotive, not forgetting mining and minerals.




There is no doubt that South Africa still remains one of the best investment destinations of choice on the  continent.