An open basket of infinite possibilities from the preservation of women’s dignity


Two things stab at my attention from the title above: first and foremost, the preservation of women’s dignity. In our beautiful country, and no doubt, our beautiful and bold Africa, young girls miss school because of the biology of their bodies. An occurrence none of them have control over. We have heard countless stories of how some look to other solutions which threaten the chemistry and normality of their reproductive organs. No need to mention the obvious humiliation that comes with that.



Period poverty, defined as the lack of access to menstrual hygiene products due to financial constraints, affects millions of girls and women around the world. In South Africa, this issue is particularly acute, as many young girls do not have access to sanitary and other feminine products, resulting in a loss of dignity and potential long-term effects on their health and education. This often leads to embarrassment and shame, as they feel that they are different from their peers and may be afraid of being bullied or teased. This can have a significant impact on their mental health and well-being, leading to anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem.



Enter the Infinity Dignity project. Launched in 2018, providing Dignity Starter Kits to young girls, it has certainly done the Lord’s work in restoring the dignity and confidence of young girls across the country. A menstrual starter pack consisting of a menstrual guide for teens and tweens, that is perfect for assisting young girls manage their menstrual cycle while embarking on their journey to becoming women.



This monumental establishment, ran on donations received from Constantia Kloof and Bryandale Primary Schools, augmented by sales of the Dignity Kit, continues to grow in leaps and bounds, addressing this pressing issue and putting out fires borne from the stigma caused by incorrect stories shared amongst many who don’t know better.



The second thing: an open basket of infinite possibilities, paints a picture worthy of the colour it emits onto a society drenched in the sobering red that keeps not just schoolgirls away from school, but also young women away from their workspaces. The lack of sanitary requirements should not stand in the way of any young girl or woman’s dreams.



Through their flagship Open Basket policy, Infinity is inviting employers to invest in infrastructure that supports women in their hour of need. For, in many instances, they seldom know when that hour will come. The infrastructure referred to is a wall- mounted sanitary hygiene product dispenser, capable of dispensing 200 tampons, 200 panty liners, 200 sani- bags, 25 standard sanitary towels and 50 thin sanitary towels. This small investment by organisations would go a long way in making a big difference in the lives of women.



As a part of their petitioning and drive for a dignified society, along with Brand South Africa’s Play Your Part initiative, Infinity will be at the Olifantshoek Youth Development Centre of Hope, aiming to donate 1000 Dignity Kits to girls. This will be followed by another drive geared at restoring the dignity of young boys by providing kits consisting of deodorant sticks, body sprays, soap bars, face cloths, toothpaste, and some chocolate. These packets are worth an estimated R155. Small price to pay for a future worthy of our country’s story.



Let us all join hands, both communities and corporates, and adopt this policy, restoring the dignity and confidence in the lives of all women, giving, and lending a helping hand towards restoring the confidence of all our children. Period poverty has no place in our society, literature, and way of life. Let us be done with it.

If you’d like to Play Your Part and make donations, contact Sharon: 079 695 1229/