“Charity is a matter of the heart, not of the pocket”


Nothing captures the essence of why we ought to give more than this timeless Swahili proverb, clearly appealing for a cause that goes further than any other in building societies. For Musa Mathebula, Founder and Chairperson of Musa Mathebula Projects, no other commitment has meant more than leading a specialist non- profit organisation that has charged itself with the important task of taking care of communities.



Officially launched in January 2017, the organisation has gone on to touch communities countrywide, including areas in Gauteng (Alexandra), North West (Barseba Village), Eastern Cape (Mbabalana Primary school) and Limpopo ( Metz Village, Tzaneen).



This has been through the distribution of sanitary pads, toiletries and school shoes to children and other society members who come from destitute communities. Other acts of kindness have included the handing out of Christmas groceries, and food parcels to families affected by flooding in Alexandra. Without much funding or publicity, the organisation has gone on to work on improving and strengthening society’s fabric by being a beacon of hope for the less fortunate.



To kick off the 2023 school year, they spent a day in Hammanskraal ,handing out school shoes to under privileged learners, much to the appreciation of the community. Such initiatives, conducted far away from city lights and flashing cameras, help build the South Africa we can all be proud of.



Their pivotal task, although much welcomed and appreciated by all beneficiaries, as with everything else, comes at a cost. Far more often than not, they are required to pull rabbits out of shallow hats in order to meet and exceed expectations. Donations fall far short of requirements, limiting the desired outcome to attainable realities due to budget constraints. The likes of Power FM and Capricon FM have played their part, giving these important initiatives the media coverage and promotion worthy of their cause, adding a little bit more to what requires much more. It seems small but is a big enough start.



Nothing shows our colours as a Rainbow Nation brighter than the spirit with which we are richly endowed, the spirit of Ubuntu. This supernatural glue binds us together and gives us the strength to build one another. Without much contest, this truly sets us apart as cool.



NOTHING is cooler than giving.