Music royalty ululates as the world screams Bayethe after yet another South African Feat


“I just want to say that we are from Africa, South Africa”, commented Zakes Bantwini after another successful night at the Grammys for South Africa. This was after he, along with Nomcebo Zikode of “Jerusalema” fame and Wouter Kellerman were rewarded with a Grammy award for their deserving “Bayethe”, recognised as the Best Global Performance in the Global Music category.



But then again, this is who we are, we are South African, a nation of winners recognised the world over. We are a beautiful people, endowed with amazing talent that continues to shine on the global stage. Sunday night at the Grammys was proof enough of this fact. For many others in our country and the continent, this was the validation of dreams. Dreams without which our intoxicating blend of heritage and culture would never be exposed to the world. That the song itself is called Bayethe, which is a greeting used to address and acknowledge royalty, sums up the importance of the work this win will bring South Africa. It is simply of royal significance.



“Thank you so much. This is such a beautiful moment on the road to sharing South African music and culture with the world,” Kellerman said during his acceptance speech.



This had been his second win, while it was a first for both Zakes Bantwini and Nomcebo Zikode. She honoured the moment by singing an extract from her hit song “Jerusalema”, which single- handily capitulated her into international stardom.



Over a period of two successive years, South African music genius has been recognised at the biggest music stage. In more ways than one, this was another step in the right direction towards selling our more than evident potential as an investment destination and a melting pot of cultural excellence and diversity.



Halala Mzansi, you did it again!