“Days may seem dark, but we have much to be grateful for”


Happy New Year 2023



What a roller-coaster year it has been, the war in Ukraine spiking fuel, cooking oil and wheat prices, 200+ days of load shedding deleteriously affecting water reservoir pumps, hospitals, businesses and living standards, increased inflation, interest rates hiked, costly bond repayments, escalating food prices, rampant corruption, crime, job losses, unemployment, an idle youth population, a collapsing public health system, potholes, hunger, under-nutrition, effects of climate change, GBV and divisive racist behaviour. These are all serious challenges no doubt.


In spite of this we remain positive, we are blessed with faith, spirituality, Ubuntu and resilience. We are not at war, missiles and bombs are not raining down on our families, we are not torn apart by intractable tribal, cultural, religious and sectarian conflicts. We have much to fix but the process to reclaim the country, which does not belong to the government but to us, the citizens of the country, has commenced, we all have to play our role with a positive mindset, understanding that everyone in government, the SAPS, and the civil service are not corrupt, understanding that though people may have bad or negative behaviour does not necessarily make them bad people. A society progresses when it focuses, encourages and reiterates the good within every individual; spirituality teaches that, and in time with constant emphasis on good, good will eventually triumph.



We have a great country, warm people, amazing weather and much to celebrate. We came through 27 April 1994 without violence, vengeance or bloodshed, the peaceful and dignified conduct of our oppressed masses took centre stage, our people believe in nation and bridge building. We’ve had bumps on the way, state capture, factionalism, xenophobia, an unintelligent Intelligence Service, but we are blessed with the presence of honourable, dedicated, committed, fearless, innovative citizens in the public and private sector who are patriots. They certainly, together with our contribution, will fix our country. SARS, NPA, Hawks, SIU, Intelligence Services, SAPS, hospitality industry, corporate SA are showing signs of progress. Foreign companies are still looking at SA favourably, our banking and commerce sector is sound, agriculture is strengthening, mining has had an incredible period of growth, house and car sales have been picking up, given our circumstances, there is much to be grateful for.



The oil price has dropped, fuel prices are coming down, charitable spending has been sound and will escalate. Sharing of experience, resources, skills and voluntary service by our retired doctors, teachers, engineers, accountants and technicians, partnerships between government, private sector and civil society, compassion and generosity from those endowed, and a return to spirituality, morality, values and ethics is the way to fix and reclaim South Africa, the greatest country on earth, and we are that country. We look forward to an incredible 2023 for us as a nation and a country.



Imtiaz Sooliman
Gift of the Givers