South Africa: An Ideal Investment Destination


Much has been said about South Africa’s rich cultural diversity and heritage. Much more could be said about her world-class infrastructure and undeniable position as a foothold into the rest of Africa. One can’t help but wonder how much of that the revered Rainbow Nation has lived up to all these illustrious titles.


The answer, it would seem, stems from a collective attitude and effort towards re-imagining and rebuilding an economy that is representative of the populace as the heritage is. With advanced global contributions that have seen annual increases in both production and profit, South Africa has set itself apart as an emerging economic hub.


As one of Africa’s leading markets alongside Nigeria, the country has positioned itself strategically as a hub for Africa’s digital economic revolution. Netflix, for example, announced an investment of $60 million at the annual South Africa Investment Conference, in a bid to help South African creatives bring high quality stories to a global audience.


Aspen, the African pharmaceutical giant, has partnered with Johnson & Johnson to produce more than 200m doses of life-saving Covid-19 vaccines.


Petredec, one of the world’s largest traders, providers and distributors of liquefied petroleum gas, has a long-standing partnership with Bidvest Tank Terminals to build a $6.1 million LPG storage facility in Richards Bay, South Africa.


In early 2019, P&G invested a further $18.2 million, to expand the local production of Always Sanitary pads, utilising the latest technology in its state-of-the-art facility in Kempton Park.


As a tourist destination, our shores have always offered a platform on which dream getaways bringing enriching life experiences could be realised. Nature has been kind in grooming our beautiful landscapes and populating our flora and fauna with species that capture one’s imagination.


These are but a few victories that strengthen South Africa’s narrative as fertile investment ground for the world. Coupled with leading infrastructure and a young population, which characterises most African nations, our beautiful country is worthy of the smile the future rewards it with because of all the potential and possibilities it is endowed with.


Much like Former President Thabo Mbeki’s Deferred Dream, it all seems possible. Delayed, but never denied, South Africa’s dream of emerging as an economic powerhouse, capable of using all the talent and brainpower at its exposure, while alleviating poverty and significantly lowering the staggering unemployment numbers, is for the most part an achievable reality. The world has supported this sentiment by investing and making significant pledges in a bid to cement its support our beautiful country.


Without much imagination, South Africa truly is an ideal investment destination.