Brand South Africa and partners hand over library in Northern Cape


Batlharos, Friday 29 January 2016 – Today, Brand South Africa in partnership with Shout SA and Breadline Africa handed over a newly built, and fully equipped mobile library to the learners and teachers at TT Lekalake Primary School.

The handover ceremony was attended by members of the community, parents as well as representatives from neighboring schools. Mr Tumisang Rabi, principle of TT Lekalake said “this library is not only a facility for the learners of this school, it is a resource for the community at large. It is impossible for a community to grow and improve without proper literacy skills. This library will instill a love for reading in the smallest of children. It is very important for young children to learn to love reading, as this is a primary skill to ensure success not only in later grades, but also in life in general.”

Ms Jade Orgill, Project Manager at Breadline Africa articulated the importance for the library for TT Lekalake in particular, “This school is a government quintile 1 school, which means that they are the least resourced as per government’s poverty quintile ranking. The lack of access usually translates into low literacy level such as is the case at TT Lekalake. One of the positive measures currently in place is the learner development programme that has been initiated by the governing body, teachers and parents.” This programme is just one example of the active steps taken by the community of Batlharos to improve the state of education in the district.

The National Development Plan (NDP) mentions that education is a prerequisite for South Africa’s development, and the community in Batharos encourages learners to be dedicated, studious and focused children is response to this.

Circuit Manager of John Taoco Gaetsewe District, Mr Mpho Malele encouraged parents to play their part and “make reading a priority at home. Initially the children will read a slowly and get frustrated, but it is important to encourage them to persevere, because the more they read, the better they will read and the faster they will read. The Department of Basic Education has instituted a compulsory reading period for all schools, teachers need to set small goals for their learners throughout the year, which will contribute to the improvement of the literacy levels in the district.”

Mr Malele called on the community at large to play their part and support education initiatives in the community, “by attending school events, you are showing the children that you are committed and care about their education, which will instill the same values in them.”

The 2014 Annual National Assessment (ANA) Results revealed that there is a significant gap between children reading, understanding and interpreting information. The library resource at TT Lakeleke combined with the commitment of learners and teachers aims to bridge this gap – improving the academic results of the school, and creating better opportunities for the learners as they progress into adulthood.

Kabelo Mabelane co-founder of Shout SA, wrapped up the programme by calling on the children to stay in school, respect their teachers, and read! “Readers are Leaders, Mabalane said, and Leaders are Readers! We all need to play our part and develop a love of reading in our communities”.

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