“Revolutionary advances in technology are reshaping the way people work and live. They are transforming the way people relate to each other, the way societies function and the way they are governed” – President Cyril Ramaphosa at the State of the Nation Address 2020.

    We can all agree that the way of life has changed drastically and communication has evolved tremendously since COVID hit the globe. As a result, it has become very essential that everyone adapt to top class technology and skills.

    Digital technology as an enabler of development has been identified in South Africa’s National Development Plan (NDP) as critical elements, in building a more inclusive society that can eliminate poverty and reduce inequality.

    One such service provider, Dell Technologies, a leader in digital transformation, providing digital technology solutions, products and services to drive business success, has since committed to advance South Africa’s ICT agenda.

    According to the Dell Technologies Digital Transformation Index released earlier this year, digital transformation is critical to driving business for economic growth, with 79 percent of organisations in South Africa fast-tracking their transformation agendas.

    South Africa has one of the largest ICT markets in Africa. It shows technological leadership in the mobile software field, security software as well as electronic banking services. Technology offers immense opportunities for young people, which requires that they be better prepared for the fourth industrial revolution and future employment.  

    Dell technologies’ promises to ensure that the country is equipped for the future, and is a key player to economic and societal development. Advances in technology will be beneficial in empowering youth to become entrepreneurs in the digital industry.

    “Our primary focus is to help organisations accelerate business transformation initiatives with speed and purpose, as we work together to power the innovation agenda of South Africa. The pandemic showed us the positive impact that digital technologies can have on accelerating socio-economic growth so it’s important that organisations continue to develop their IT infrastructure to compete in a hyper-digital world,” said Doug Woolley, Managing Director, South Africa at Dell Technologies.

    Visit Dell Technologies to learn more about how the organisation is driving innovation in South Africa.

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