The site of a beautiful waterfall during a hike will never get old and anyone who says otherwise is telling a fib. These picturesque landmarks are a reminder of the pure strength and attractiveness of Mother Nature. They are a vital part of a peaceful environment for practicing stillness for some, while for others they are the perfect background for a whimsical picture.

Not only is it one of the most Instagrammed waterfalls of the world, but according to Tourism KZN, the Tugela Falls located in the Royal Natal National Park, Drakensberg, is now officially the highest waterfall in the world, standing proud at 948m! According to the Travel Trip Journey blogsite, the Tugela Falls is multi-tiered, summits the roof of Africa with the thrill of the hiking trails.

According to the Culture Trip blogsite, the Tugela Falls is part of a multifaceted web of seasonal waterfalls with five cascades, so there are numerous ways to capture and experience the beauty of these falls. According to the Drakensburg Mountains website, there are two trails to the Tugela Falls, one is top of Mount-Aux-Source at the Scentinel Car Park, which is a fairly easy climb to the top of Amphitheatre. This takes approximately four to five hours, depending on one’s fitness level. This is the only day hiking trail which leads to the top of the Drakensberg escarpment. The second trail starts at the Royal Natal National Park, which is seven kilometers gradient up the Tugela Gorge and winds through indigenous forest. The final part of the hike is a boulder hop with a slight chain ladder that leads over the final stretch for a view of the falls rushing down the amphitheater.

The Tugela Falls drops more than 3 000 feet, showing an outstanding view from top to the bottom. It is certainly a site worth visiting. The walk to the site may not be an easy journey, but if you get to the top it is an experience of a lifetime that one will want to share with many generations to come.



Photo credit: Good Things Guy