Mpoomy Ledwaba: The future of the nail and beauty industry in South Africa


    Nompumelelo (Mpoomy) Ledwaba is currently changing the nail and beauty industry with her chique nail and beauty salon, Aneno Beauty Bar based in Melville, Johannesburg. The 26-year-old has followed her father’s steps in the journey of entrepreneurship although it hasn’t been an easy journey. What started out as a mobile business has grown in demand and in June 2017 began trading as a nail and coffee bar. Aneno offers a fresh, welcoming atmosphere for women to go let their hair down and get spoiled.

    “The dream for Aneno was and still is big but I had to start somewhere. My ultimate desire is to leave a legacy for my children. I want to see Aneno nails become the brand of choice and to create a franchise model for the company across the country. Nothing is by chance, or for quick cash. I am building a legacy and leaving generational blessings. My choices today not only impact me but the future of my children and those I inspire. I want people to know that their dreams are valid and possible when they walk through the doors of Aneno” said Mpoomy.

    After dropping out of university in second year she decided to go to nail school which was funded by her husband. After three months, she was ready to get working experience but no one would give her the chance. She then attached a poster on her car advertising her services and started a mobile nail salon. She did my nails every three days as practice. She would go to a certain restaurant every week because they had a lunch special for R50 that comes with unlimited Wi-Fi. She would download videos so she learned how to be better nail technician. The mobile salon grew and she started making about R1,000 a day in returns and that’s when she knew it was time to expand, open a physical shop and employ staff to get more hands on deck.

    Mpoomy acknowledges that running a business is no child’s play, but with some great tools the journey can be enjoyed!! She shares 5 factors that have assisted her in her journey of making her business a success:

    • Vision
    • A great, goal driven and skilled team
    • Effective marketing – You could be the best plumber in the country but if nobody knows about you, you have no business.
    • Patience and perseverance
    • The source of all great ideas should be at the centre – God

    Today, Mpoomy employs ten people and has ventured into the hair industry, created a nail product line and plans to grow and franchise the business. This is definitely not the last time we hear about this powerhouse with big dreams.