International Mandela Day 2020 under COVID-19 emphasised the importance of unity in difficult times. Evident in various collaborations between government, business and civil society, the SA Taxi Foundation gave back their 67 minutes at Home of Hope for Girls delivering much needed essentials and educational necessities.

    Home of Hope for Girls (HoH) was founded in 2000 as a heartfelt response to an unacceptable situation. HoH exists because one brave woman, Khanyisile Motsa, determined not to close her eyes to the reality of what she saw in the streets of Hillbrow/Berea.  At great personal sacrifice, she took girls into her own home and put herself between them and the criminals who were using them. While she did her best to reconnect them with reliable family members, for many this became the only real family they had ever known and as time went by, the numbers of girls at her home grew.

    Khanyisile Motsa, affectionately known as Mam Khanyi, established HoH as a registered NGO while working from various locations in Berea and subsequently acquired two residential homes in the area.  Over the years Mam Khanyi underwent extensive training in tackling sexual abuse and rehabilitating survivors. She also learnt how to navigate the complex world of dealing with Home Affairs, SAPD, social workers, health services, community groups and the wider community.

    The HoH vision, of restoring human dignity, became a living reality.

    The SA Taxi Foundation is the corporate social investment arm of SA Taxi, responsible for all socio-economic development contributions, partnerships, and initiatives undertaken by the SA Taxi group of companies.

    The intention of the non-profit Foundation is to give effect to SA Taxi’s broader commitment to active citizenry, focused on the fact that most of South Africa remains limited in its access to basic human needs and will not realise real economic freedom without intervention.

    Given that half of the South African population travels by taxi every day and that SA Taxi is part of an industry that supports approximately 250 000 small businesses and over 360 000 direct jobs and 600 000 indirect jobs, the Foundation is in the privileged position of being able to offer relevant social investment interventions.

    In 2019, SA Taxi Foundation partnered with the Berea Home of Hope for Girls, in the ever ensuing fight against gender-based violence (GBV), as part of its efforts to help alleviate society pressures.

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    source SA Taxi Foundation