Mandela Moments


    Nelson Mandela International Day (or Mandela Day) is an annual international day of recognition that honours of the legacy of our late Tata Madiba.

    As Brand South Africa, we celebrate this day by putting into practice the principles and values for which Nelson Mandela stood for,  and engage in various activities that encourage active citizenship.  We call on all South Africans to Play Their Part by savouring and recreating those “Mandela Moment” through acts of kindness, volunteering and reaching out to fellow South Africans. Click here to find out how you can inspire and help others amidst the global pandemic.

    Let’s remember Nelson Mandela’s role and passion for service as we celebrate Nelson Mandela Day.

    As with every significant day this year, our active citizenry on Mandela Day will look a little different than previous years, and we ask ourselves, What does Mandela Day under COVID-19 look like? How are we to help when we are forced to social distance for our safety?

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