COVID-19 Recovery Strategy – How to Navigate the Economic and Brand Reputation Risk Landscape During and After COVID-19 – A Collaboration of Stakeholders


As the country keeps making progress and slowly opening up the economy, Brand South Africa in collaboration with National Business Initiative (NBI) hosted a that unpacked…

The webinar hosted in June unpacked ‘COVID-19 Recovery Strategy – How to Navigate the Economic and Brand Reputation Risk Landscape During and After COVID-19’. The world and South Africa have changed dramatically since February 2020.

Key speakers who led discussion attributing to COVID-19 Recovery Strategy and the How to included;

Dr Petrus de Kock: General Manager – Research at Brand South Africa, unpacked the COVID-19 recovery strategies from a brand and reputational risk perspective. Key pointers included a three phase recovery plan;

Phase 1: PRESERVE • Immediate interventions aimed at supporting initial interventions to support the economy.

Phase 2: RECOVERY • A range of economic, social interventions and support measures to enable companies to preserve jobs.

Phase 3: PIVOT • Specific tax- and other incentives aimed at decreasing the burden on business and enable business survival.

Mr Vincent Magwenya: Founder and CEO at Conversations Media and Communications gave insight on How to deal with brand reputational risk post COVID-19. Mr Magwenya emphasized that; ‘the acceleration of a technology driven economy and society will be of great advantage post COVID-19, reality the way of walk will come under great scrutiny’. 

Mr Neil Franklin: AECI – Group Safety, Health and Environment Manager shared how they as an NBI Member Company responded to the pandemic thus, enhancing brand reputation with action. Future proofing businesses, swift reactions and communication are key players to enhancing brand reputation with action.

For further information on the discussions, click here for the Research Update on key contributing factors in the domestic and global environments

With a mandate to enhance and strengthen the Nation Brand image and reputation, Brand South Africa’s collaboration with NBI effectively contributes to South Africa’s globally acknowledged rapid response to COVID-19. This further assures that Africa will remain the one with the least rate of infections and is working towards future proofing itself with a COVID-19 recovery strategy through collaboration with various stakeholders.

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