As the world battles a global pandemic, let us be reminded of Global South Africans who have made their home away from home in various countries across the world. These Global South Africans who continue to fly the South African flag with pride and tell the world the greatness that is South Africa.

Brand South Africa, through its Global South African programme, aims to develop a network of citizens living and working abroad from business to government to ordinary citizens to urge them to contribute towards the promotion of a positive image of the Nation Brand.

In a recent activation in Doha, Brand South Africa connected with one such Global South African, Brad Habana. Born from Johannesburg, Brad Habana fulfilled various career roles in the Business sector whilst living in South Africa.  Now based in Doha, Qatar, working as Senior Sponsorship Specialist, Habana shares his expertise towards ensuring that Qatar delivers its first ever FIFA World Cup.

“I have been based in Doha since 2014, the journey has seen myself along with other South African expat leaders create a community engagement team called, South Africans in Doha (SAiD). The SAiD community team hosts community related events showcasing our South African heritage and culture.  Some events, showcase how South Africans as the 1st African country to host the FIFA World Cup can support Qatar along their journey of hosting their 1st ever Middle Eastern World Cup in 2022”, says Habana.

2020 was marked to be another successful year as SAiD looked at bringing South African artists and sports celebrities to Doha to participate in key South African events such as Freedom Day and Heritage day to name a few.

The pandemic has since changed that for Habana and the SAiD community. However, this has not fully derailed their plans but rather ensured that the SAiD community becomes innovative in keeping the South African spirit alive.

Habana shares how South Africans are assisting each other in Doha;

  • Local South African entrepreneurs such as fitness instructors use our network to do online training
  • Local South African entrepreneurs such as cooks sell their products on our social media platforms
  • They assist fellow South Africans who have lost jobs in Doha with food and accommodation
  • They work closely with the Embassy to get people back home on repatriation flights
  • Promote South African food and meat which is sold locally in Doha

Hebanna further stated: “We have also hosted a zoom call with the community, Brand South Africa, The SA Ambassador and sport celebrity Shaun Bartlett. Another zoom call with the South African Ambassador, H.E. Faizel Moosa, which allows us to get first hand updates on all current situations. We will be inviting Brand South Africa and Football legend Quinton Fortune to engage further with South Africans living and working in Doha”, Once the world has succeeded in eradicating the Coronavirus, SAiD will host a major annual event for Heritage day and a 1-year anniversary event of the South African victory from the rugby world cup, a definite call for celebration.

The ethos of Ubuntu lives on even across the seas, Global South Africans continue to be unison. Are you a Global South Africa? Share your story @Brand_SA