Increase your at-home productivity during winter


    We can all play our parts during winter by staying home and keeping busy, from starting side-hustles to learning new skills, we can enrich our lives and others with a few simple tasks.

    South Africa (May 2020) – As we prepare to spend more time at home this winter, it is important to stay busy. It is easy to sit on the couch all day, watching series but that isn’t always great for our mental well-being.

    It is essential to focus on keeping busy while doing tasks that are rewarding. This is how you find balance and keep yourself sane. We have a few helpful tips for activities you can do as we head into winter. These activities are geared to be rewarding and boost our overall moods.

    Start a side-hustle

    If you are looking to make a little extra money to help during this time, starting a small side-hustle may be the way to go. Sit and brainstorm a few ideas to see which one fits with the budget you have, the skill and the time.

    If you are good at woodwork, you could make raised bed kits for all the new gardeners popping up due to lockdown. Crochet pros could make eco-friendly face cloths or nifty reusable grocery bags. If you have a nack with beauty products, you could make a range of body scrubs and bath salts. Homemade jams, knitting scarves and jerseys in trendy colours, the opportunity to turn your hobby into a side-hustle is there.

    Prior to the pandemic, South Africans were excellent at creating their own opportunities and building companies from simple ideas. It is important to remember where there is a will, there is a way!

    As consumers, we can all make an effort to support people who are making items to support themselves. If you are looking for something, pop over to your community groups on social media and ask.

    Learn a new skill

    YouTube is a great free resource these days that can teach you just about anything! With the extra time on your hands, maybe now you can finally learn to play that musical instrument that has collected dust, or brush up your photography skills.

    You could master your social media (a savvy business skill these days) or finally get your budget managed.

    Look for groups on Facebook and join the conversations of like-minded individuals. We have noticed so many more people willing to help others with advice these days so you only need to ask.

    If you master a skill well enough, you could turn it into a side-hustle.

    Deep clean

    With all this extra time, we have found ourselves cleaning more and more. From removing all the pots and pans and wiping down the shelves, to unclogging drains and washing all the linen that has been sitting stale in the cupboards.

    Now is the time to do those pesky tasks you have put off due to not having the time. In the process, you could find things you forgot you had and put aside a collection of things to donate to charity.

    So if you find yourself getting bored and running out of series to binge, tidy and reorganise all the places you store your possessions. It will give you a sense of accomplishment and restore a small amount of control over your life.

    Digitise your memories

    This is also a good to pull out all your photo albums and digitise them, just in case they ever go missing. The photos will come in handy for those fun throwback posts on social media.

    To do this, all you need is a desktop printer with a scanning facility, a scanning app on your mobile phone or taking a photo of the photo using your phone, works just as well.

    The added bonus is you get to walk down memory lane and relive some brilliant “good ol’ days”.


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