Comedy + Poetry = Love for Community!


    By Bulelwa Basse

    I am blessed to meet people who share the same passion toward community development and ultimately: Nation-building.

    This was the perfect case on 21 February 2020, when I had the pleasure of collaborating with renowned comedians, Jason and Donovan Goliath, (Goliath & Goliath) who inspired the incredible Grade 11 and 12 learners of Sophumelela High School together with Phakama and Zisukhanya High Schools (Welterfreden Valley North, Mitchell’s Plain) on how to monetise their ideas.










    This is part of our continued respective and collective journey toward nation-building through skills transfer and capacity building – and just simply offering advice to the youth. As a Play Your Part ambassador, mine was to remind the young people that they are the future of this country and beyond and that Africa’s wealth resides within them and strongly relies on their ability to become custodians of their greatest dreams!

    It is no cliché that the success of our humanity is profoundly dependent on the understanding that it begins with each and every one of us. As Goliath & Goliath so aptly put it: “I need to care… I need to change the world… And it starts with me.”










    This is an official invitation to the rest of the world, to do what we can, with what we have, wherever we are. Because being in-community with each other requires no special riches nor profile of “importance”, only the heart and intention to offer something of positive impact that can last a lifetime in somebody’s life who needs it most.

    Herein lies the restorative nature we so desperately seek from the world.. from each other. Here is our time of collective plenty!

    Yours in Nation-building,
    Bulelwa Basse – Play Your Part Ambassador