Growing Up Without a Father Foundation addresses resolutions for a ‘fatherless generation’ on International Men’s Day


International Men’s Day is observed on 19 November every year to celebrate the well-being of young boys and men and the value they add to families and communities.

It is evident that there is a dire need for inspirational male role models in society today, to guide the next generation of men and raise awareness of socio-economic ills like gender-based violence. This year’s theme for Men’s Day is: Making a difference for men and boys.

The Growing Up Without a Father South African Foundation, a non-profit entity that was established to create awareness around the ripple effects of a fatherlessness generation, especially in poverty-stricken communities, has joined forces with Carling Black Label and Old Mutual for Carling’s #NoExcuse campaign against Gender-Based-Violence.

Statistics paint a bleak picture of the current state of GBV with an alarming rise in crimes against women & children, thus the implementation of International Men’s Day and Men’s Month to address these realities and call for accountability, while addressing the challenges men face.

Over the last few days, The Growing Up Without a Father South African Foundation has been honouring South African men. The Foundation and Carling Black Label are engaging with men from all walks of life, unpacking direct and indirect challenges men encounter.

International Men’s Day also provides an opportunity for conversations around issues of physical and mental health awareness, workplace challenges and overall wellness, and Growing Up Without A Father South African Foundation is delighted to be championing conversations that are often considered ‘weak’.

As the country prepares for 16 Days of Activism, Brand South Africa urges all men to take accountability and play their part in the fight against Gender-Based Violence. You can add your signature to Brand South Africa’s pledge here.