South Africans Abroad commemorate their unique diverse Heritage












By Phindi Maduna

September 24 is celebrated as Heritage Month in South Africa. During this month, South Africans, not only at home but also abroad, celebrate their diverse cultures.

This September, Brand South Africa journeyed to East Asia, The Middle East and Western Europe, to commemorate with South Africans living in China, Qatar and Germany, respectively. This was in line with the Global South Africans programme, which acknowledges thousands of South Africans who are brand advocates for the positive positioning of the Nation Brand abroad. Global South Africans show the world who South Africans really are and what the country is has to offer. Expat communities across the world celebrate their unique heritage and identity to strengthen the positive role that they can play internationally.

In China, Brand South Africa partnered with the South African Embassy in Beijing, to celebrate the country’s culture and heritage through an annual Discover South Africa Open Day. The engagement provided an opportunity to exhibit some of South Africa’s exports in the consumer packaged goods sector to China. These included, but were not limited to, our much enjoyed Rooibos tea, outstanding wines, Rooibos ice cream and mouth-watering boerewors sausages.

South Africans in Qatar welcomed Brand South Africa to the rapidly developing city of Doha. Together with the South African Embassy in Doha and the South African community in Doha, Brand South Africa hosted an awards evening under the theme ‘Culturally South African’. The awards honoured South African citizens who are playing their part in Doha, through supporting and volunteering as the country prepares to host the upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. The awards also encouraged winners to continue promoting the spirit of Ubuntu by being exemplary citizens in the world.

Celebrations in Germany were just as inspiring. Brand South Africa collaborated with the South African Embassy in Berlin to host South Africans living in Germany. They were encouraged to join the Global South African network and continue to play their part in promoting South Africa.