Elections 2019: Are you ready to make your mark?


    South African citizens are gearing up to head out to the voting polls today 8 May 2019, to cast their vote in the 6th democratic national and provincial elections. This year’s election period is a remarkable one in that the country celebrates 25 years of democracy.

    To raise citizens’ awareness on the importance of exercising their constitutional right to vote, Brand South Africa is running a ‘’Solve Your Why’s with an X” campaign.. Read more about the unconventional video-led digital campaign here.

    The Independent Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) has been running a tight ship to ensure a seamless process all over the country. According to the IEC, more than 200,000 electoral staff have undergone training in preparation- for the masses that will be heading to the +28 700 voting stations placed around the country.

    The IEC has cautioned citizens to remain vigilant and ensure that their ballot paper is valid, by checking for the official stamp.

    To cast your national and provincial vote, visit any of the voting stations in the province you are registered in and  ensure that you have a valid I.D document.

    To check your registration status visit : https://www.elections.org.za/regweekend/.

    Happy voting, South Africa!