Brand South Africa’s recipient of the Play Your Part award 2018 for SA Premier Business Awards; Clover Mama Afrika shares their journey


The 6th SA Premier Business Awards preparations are underway and the call for entry is open till the 22nd February 2019.

Brand South Africa’s recipient of the Play Your Part award 2018 was Clover Mama Afrika whose emphasis was on the spirit of Ubuntu, reflects on the journey since winning the award.

The story of Clover Mama Afrika;

The Clover Mama Afrika project was founded on the ancient wisdom of Ubuntu. A uniquely African school of thought, where there is a clear understanding that the true meaning of life lies in the community ties that bind us: “I am because you are.” But Ubuntu is more than that; it is the sharing of natural resources, built on the principle of equity between generations. It is empathy and compassion for others and a mutual respect for human dignity. It is knowing that we belong to a greater whole, creating an interconnected world of mutual support.

By uplifting our Clover Mama Afrikas through skills development training, they share their knowledge with their communities, and we are proud to be a part of this transformation.

Brand South Africa recently spoke to Prof Elain Vlok, Manager: Corporate Services for Clover Mama Afrika.

Q: How has business been since winning the Play your Part award at the SA Premier Business Awards?

A: The recognition that we get when winning a prestigious award is always a good feeling. It inspires us to do more and it benefits all concerned, in our case the Clover Mamas that we support. The award also gave us more exposure which has led to individuals wanting to get more involved with the project.

Q: What has been the biggest highlight for the company?

A: We appointed a new Clover Mama Afrika in the latter part of 2018. Mama Gail Koeberg in Magaliesburg who has already been given a fully equipped bakery and has received the necessary training.

Q: How has Clover Mama continued playing its part?

A: Clover Mama Afrika continues to grow from strength to strength. Each Clover Mama Afrika is dedicated in efforts to alleviate poverty within her respective communities

Q: What plans are in line for the year ahead?

A: We have a full calendar for 2019 with no less than 23 skills training sessions, from sewing to cooking, baking, quilting and mosaic courses. We will also be doing on-site training.

Q: What’s your advice to  other  organisations out there in  helping to make things better for South Africa

A: No company should turn a blind eye to helping those in need – we are definitely not saying that you need to keep handing out without expecting anything in return. Companies must teach each other to stand on their own two feet. No need for free handouts. Our Clover Mama Afrikas have become a strong voice in teaching people that they can do it for themselves. They stand united in being the change they want to see for our beautiful country.

Brand South Africa commends active citizens such as Clover Mama Afrika for playing their part and encourages every South African citizen to take a stand and reinforce the spirit of ubuntu.

For more information on the South African Premier Business Awards, rules and entry forms, go to or call 0861 843 384. Hand delivered entries will close at 15:30pm on Friday, 22 February 2019 and Online Entries will close at midnight on Friday, 22 February 2019, no late entries will be accepted.