Max-Hoba strengthening the Nation Brand image through music in Paris


Brand South Africa successfully hosted its third Nation Brand Forum in October 2018, under the theme: Inspiring excellence in sports and creative industry.

The forum saw a room bursting with industry experts in the fields of sports, arts, film, dance, music and fashion in attendance. All with the objective of engaging and collaborating towards finding cohesive opportunities in promoting the Nation Brand’s image domestically and internationally.

As articulated by Brand South Africa’s General Marketing Manager; Ms Sithembile Ntombela, said; “it is important to use an inclusive approach and have South Africans make a contribution to new and different ways that will strengthen the country’s image. Creative industry and sports are seen as South Africa’s competitive advantages and as such we have to nurture this strength”.

One such industry maven in the field of music is Max-Hoba who heeded the call and plays his part in enhancing the Nation Brand image through his music. As an accomplished Afro-Soul and World music artist, his sultry velvety voice and ability to play around with language, have earned him much respect across different audiences. His music speaks of love, unity, social ills, tolerance and day to day life issues.

That’s the reason why the global stage has taken note and invited Max-Hoba to be part of the first leg of the Open World Project in Paris on 15 November – 25 November for a collaborative CD recording with various artists from South Africa and the continent.
Speaking on what he anticipates to achieve from this experience; Max-Hob said; “I hope to achieve a better sense of relations between people, our cultural tolerance and promote world peace. The idea is to find commonality in our cultures through music”.

As the founder and producer of Back 2 The Music, a platform for upcoming and established vocalists to get together and showcase their talents, while also paying tribute to artists that influenced them.

Max-Hoba said one of the greatest outcomes from this opportunity is to see “how we as artists are able to diversify income streams, to make a sustainable living form our music.”
“Brand South Africa acknowledges and thanks positive Nation Brand image enablers such as Max-Hoba and many more for being proud South Africans, who fly the flag through their work. A competitive Nation Brand is constructed mainly by its citizens something we all ought to remember”; adds Ms Sithembile Ntombela.

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