Brand South Africa’s Constitutional Awareness programme reaches the Hangberg community in Cape Town


On the 17th March 2018, Brand South Africa’s Constitutional Awareness programme which aims to inspire constitutionalism, tolerance and constructive expression amongst the youth was in Cape Town. The purpose was for Brand South Africa to facilitate an engagement amongst the youth, through a collaboration with the award-winning web-film influencer, Imraan Christian in the community of Hangberg.

Imraan Christian, a renewed visual artists and influencer who worked with Brand South Africa in creating one of the three constitutional awareness web-films, collaborated together with the team on the design of the engagement using the arts to trigger community dialogue.

The day unfolded with portraits of people from the Hangberg community where Imraan worked with his team Pete Michaels Parker, Fidal Meter, Waseem Noordien, Mo Hassan, Mr Griep and Amiena Christian to shoot, print and strategically place these on the walls and fences of Hangberg.

“The community of Hangberg has come alive, I had a tannie(aunty) coming to me wanting her wall to also have a portrait stuck on it. This reaffirmed a sense of pride and ownership by the community”, said Imraan Christian.

The children of Hangberg were given quick lessons on break-dance and skateboarding as well. While others were drawn to expressing themselves through painting.

“We aim to take these young ones off the streets, by encouraging them to learn a new skill, to express themselves through the various forms of arts. The dance classes that we are starting at the Bay Harbour Market, I believe will open up a world beyond their realities”, said artist Spike P.

“There is nothing more heartwarming than seeing a smile on a child’s face and planting a seed of positive reaffirmation for the possibility of a brighter future. The purpose of this engagement was to do exactly that, and Brand South Africa we want to utilize these creative platforms to reach out to communities and the youth to educate them of the importance of constitutional awareness and active citizenship.” said, Brand South Africa’s Stakeholder Relations Manager: Government Ms Toni Gumede.

“On behalf of the entire Hangberg family, we would like to thank you Brand South Africa for the support and trust in creating space and ideas like we have. With collaboration such as this, there really is hope for innovation and imagination for our young South Africa”, further adds; Imraan Christian.