Inspiring tomorrow’s active citizens


With the new school year under way, Brand South Africa and the Department of Basic Education are inspiring learners to work hard and achieve excellence in academics and extramural activities.

Play Your Part ambassador and marketing specialist, Sindi Mqutheni, challenged learners to achieve their goals for this year. (Images: Brand South Africa)

Phindi Maduna

Today Brand South Africa collaborated with the Department of Basic Education to kick-start the beginning of the new school year at Ratanda Primary School in the Sedibeng East District of Gauteng.

The beginning of each year brings possibilities and opportunities to endeavour to achieve new goals. It is in this spirit that the Department of Basic Education and Brand South Africa wanted to inspire learners to play their part in the development of their future and that of their communities by not only staying in school but also striving for excellence in their academics, sports and extramural activities.

In order to the attain this, learners need the support from and cooperation of their guardians, educators and members of their communities, said Ms Mabaso, Foundation Phase Head of Department.

Toni Gumede, Brand South Africa’s stakeholder relationship manager, future active citizens will know their responsibility to their communities and country.

Ms Mabaso addressed some guardians and many new and returning learners of Ratanda Primary School at the school’s first assembly for 2018. Ms Mabaso emphasised the importance of guardians being involved in their children’s school life and helping them manage the different aspects of it.

She urged guardians to ask educators and community members for help and ensure that their children are punctual for school, up to date with their homework assignments, and dressed smartly.

The most important thing, she concluded, is that learners, guardians, educators and community members work together.

Play Your Part ambassador, Ms Sindi Mqutheni was the keynote speaker who motivated learners who were excitedly waiting to start the beginning of the academic year.

She challenged the learners to write down the goals that they hope to achieve this year, develop a plan of action on how they are going to reach those goals and stick to it. In that way, she imparted the importance of the characteristics of ambition, hard work and discipline on the part of learners.

This is the role that learners are encouraged to play in developing themselves, their communities and the country.

“Brand South Africa believes that by making children aware of their roles and responsibilities to themselves, their communities and their country, we are contributing to their upbringing as future active citizens,” added Ms Toni Gumede, Stakeholder Relationship Manager at Brand South Africa.