Project Playground gives children and youth better life opportunities


Project Playground gives children and youth better life opportunities through meaningful spare time activities. 

(Image: Project Playground)

Phindi Maduna

Brand South Africa recently attended a fundraising event that the Embassy of Sweden hosted in Pretoria. The fundraising event was in support of Project Playground – a Swedish/South African Non-Profit Organisation that was founded in 2010 by Princess Sofia of Sweden and Frida Vesterberg. Their mission was to give children and youth between the ages of 4 and 18 better opportunities in life through recreational and educational activities. The Project currently helps about 750 children and youth in South Africa.

Brand South Africa Chief Executive Officer Dr. Kingsley Makhubela (centre) attending a fundraising event for the Project Playground non-profit organisation in Pretoria during October 2017.(Image: Project Playground)

While at the event, Brand South Africa’s CEO, Dr. Kingsley Makhubela spoke fondly of the long-standing relations between the Kingdom of Sweden and South Africa. “Swedish-South Africa links go as far back as the 1960s when a country-wide Swedish anti-apartheid movement was founded in support of the struggle for liberation” said Dr. Makhubela. In true ‘Play Your Part’ character, Sweden contributed a great deal in bringing about positive change in South Africa. The relations between Sweden and South Africa have continued beyond the struggle for liberation. They now include partnerships that address other socio-economic and political challenges – children’s rights being one of them. Project Playground strives to champion children’s rights through various life orientation programmes.

Based in Gugulethu township in Cape Town, Project Playground provides a safe environment where every child grows up with a belief in the future and to positively influence their own life. It is hoped that by making available good role models for the children, Project Playground can nurture capable and assured individuals.

The 50 staff members are highly devoted to the vision and mission of Project Playground. Through regular staff development programmes, the team is able to frequently gain knowledge on their specific areas of specialisation in the organisation. This means that the children’s interactions with their  mentors is effective because they have a comprehensive view of the child’s environment and represent a continuous and secure contact throughout the child’s upbringing. Project Playground is essentially a sanctuary away from the insecurity that characterizes a lot of children’s lives. Life orientation is achieved by means of team sports, dance, music, art, and drama, among other activities.

Project Playground is a wonderful demonstration of how individuals and collectives can come together and play their part for the greater good of their society.

Visit the Project Playground website to find out more about how the organisation is playing their part and how you can get involved in helping children in South Africa to reach their full potential.

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